Children’s Communication Course Successes

“This was a fun course. I did it with my sister and plan to do plenty more!” C.R.

“I really like the Children’s Communication Course. It really helped me in life and I think it will help you in life.” A.L.

“During school I got in trouble a lot because boys made me laugh. Now I don’t get in trouble as much because I took the Children’s Communication Course and I can confront boys now.” C.S.

“In course today I felt very clear on what I was doing and I felt good that I made it to the end. It was very fun doing this course. It was especially fun doing the course with my twin. In the end I felt clear and happy.” Q.M.

“I learned not to cut communication and communication is better than fighting.” C.M.

“What I got out of the course was how to communicate better in life with people and not to react when people push my buttons.” C.W.

“I learned how to communicate better in life and I learned some really neat drills.” B.W.

“I think this is a great course. I hope that every student and child that hasn’t done it will do it because it is a great way to learn how to communicate.” A.A.

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