Children’s Communication Course

[Picture] Your child’s world is full of new experiences, new people and new activities which expand far beyond the home. His is a time to learn, to make new friends, to create and get involved in school activities which can determine future goals and interests. Your child will encounter many problems and will have to make many of the same decisions you had to make. Does your child have the know-how to deal with it?

“Whole civilizations have changed because somebody changed the children. In the past, the children were usually changed for the worse. Today let’s be different and change them for the better.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from Ability magazine Issue 110
Ron’s technology is the answer. If your child can apply SCIENTOLOGY principles on his own, he has a major advantage and the stable data he’ll need to carry him through life - even when you’re not there to help him. He’ll be able to maintain his own beingness, while he makes ethical decisions on his own. And he’ll be able and willing to tell you about the situations that he has to face and handle in life.

The Children’s Communication Course provides the basics on communication so that they learn how to communicate well and make themselves fully understood. A child who can communicate is at cause!

Raise your children with Scientology principles.

Enroll them on the Children’s Communication Course. Click here and locate your nearest mission to start your services now.

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