Dianetics and Scientology Extension Courses

Extension courses are for new people and experienced SCIENTOLOGISTS alike. The fundamentals and basic truths of DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY are covered completely in Ron’s books. There is wisdom to astound everyone, from a new person to the most highly trained Scientologist. L. Ron Hubbard’s books are a continual source of new realizations and understandings of life and one’s relationship with the universe.

“Knowledge itself is certainty; knowledge is not data.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from the book A New Slant on Life
An extension course is an ideal way for anyone to read and study a book for full comprehension and immediate application in life. There’s an extension course for every basic Scientology and Dianetics book which you can complete right in the comfort of your own home. An extension course is an ideal way to keep moving up THE BRIDGE, even if you live remote from the mission and can’t travel to course daily, the extension course is a great way to learn Dianetics and Scientology basics.

Each extension course package includes a lesson booklet with easy-to-understand instructions, all the lessons you will need to complete the course and an enrollment card. Simply mail the completed lessons once a week to the Extension Course Supervisor at your nearest Scientology mission, who will review it and mail the results back to you. When you complete, you will receive a certificate.

Sign up for an extension course and your materials will be mailed to you right away so that you can get started.

Enroll on a Dianetics and Scientology Extension Course and increase your understanding of life and the mind. Click here and locate your nearest mission to start your services now.