Introduction to Scientology Ethics Course

Do you know how to make survival decisions in your life? And can you discover the right condition to apply, and then apply it to reach a personal condition of Power?

“Every being has an infinite ability to survive. How well he accomplishes this is dependent on how well he uses ethics...”
L. Ron Hubbard
from the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics
Scientology ethics technology is vital to your expansion.

Every part of your life is in some condition right now — your marriage, family, business and friendships. And your case progress is also affected — a person can’t live an out-ethics life and expect to improve himself.

The data contained in this course enables you to determine the right condition to apply — and then apply it with a full understanding of ethics and its purpose. With the knowledge you gain, you can expand to new levels of ability and freedom.

The course is based on the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics, by L. Ron Hubbard. As part of your enrollment fee, you’ll receive a course pack that contains step-by-step lessons and drills that enable you to apply ethics technology confidently in your own life. The pack contains over 100 illustrations which give examples of the data in application.

The course covers:

  • The Ethics Conditions. Learn how to apply them properly, and maintain the higher conditions right up to Power.
  • Complete data on Suppressive Persons. How to spot them and know who to trust!
  • Comprehensive data on the Potential Trouble Source. Learn the different types of Potential Trouble Sources and get the technology to handle them.
  • The Ethics Codes, correct gradients of ethics, petition and rights or recourse.

Ethics is survival.

Enroll on the Introduction to Scientology® Ethics Course.


The Hubbard Qualified Scientologist (HQS) Course or certified on a professional auditor training course (i.e. Academy Level Zero, etc.)

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