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The following pages describe further courses available at your local Scientology mission. Each one has vital data from Ron for you to apply to your life as you move up The Bridge to Total Freedom.

The Hubbard Dissemination Course
Help free others

Can you answer the most frequently asked questions about SCIENTOLOGY?

“You have new news. And Dianetics and Scientology are good news. In fact, the best news man has ever had. Don’t sit on it!”
L. Ron Hubbard
“What is Scientology about?”

“What is Dianetics spiritual technology?”

“Why is Scientology a religion?”

“Why is Scientology sometimes considered controversial?”

“What is Clear?”

If you can’t answer these questions easily, yet you want to help free others, you need to do the HUBBARD Dissemination Course.

On this course, you’ll learn how to confidently answer all of these and other commonly asked questions. You’ll also learn how to use the book What Is Scientology? as a dissemination tool, and you’ll listen to eight of Ron’s lectures on the subject of dissemination. You will do thirty drills to perfect your application of his precise dissemination technology until you have this technology down cold and are a dissemination expert.

Delivered free of charge to all SCIENTOLOGISTS, this course is available in all missions and organizations. You are required only to purchase your course materials.


The Basic Study Manual or STUDENT HAT study course is the only prerequisite for the course. Lead them to freedom one by one. Do the Hubbard Dissemination Course.

The FSM Specialist Course
Become more able to move others up THE BRIDGE® training and processing

The Field Staff Member Specialist Hatting Course is vital hatting for FSMs to move others onto and up THE BRIDGE. The purpose of this course is to hat a field staff member (FSM) to successfully carry out the functions of an FSM.

The FSM Specialist Hatting Course is free to those appointed as Provisional FSMs. It has no prerequisites, but ideally is done after the Hubbard Dissemination Course. With the data and know-how from these two courses you will be a powerhouse FSM.

See your FSM In-Charge about this course. Take it and gain total certainty as an FSM to move others to total freedom.

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