The Student Hat® Study Course

The poor state of education internationally is well known and reported on in the media. There is no shortage of theories about how to accomplish educational reforms, but the proposed solutions are generally ineffective. The reason lies in the fact that these “solutions” have been directed at solving the wrong problems.

“That’s about all it goes back to: the misunderstood word. And that produces such a vast panorama of mental effects that it itself is the prime factor involved with stupidity, the prime factor involved with many other things.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from tape lecture Study and Education
L. Ron Hubbard recognized the failings of modern education and training. He researched the area and his extensive investigation led to the first comprehensive understanding of the real barriers to effective learning. He found the root of educational failure in a fundamental situation that has been almost universally overlooked: students are not being taught how to learn. Learning how to learn has been the vital missing ingredient that has hampered all fields of study. It handicaps both children in school and people in life.

Ron developed a precise technology of how to learn any subject. This technology ensures a person will not only fully grasp what he is studying, but proficiently apply what he has studied in work or life.

This study technology is based on laws that underlie all learning. The barriers to study have been isolated and standard handlings worked out for each of them.

The STUDENT HAT Course covers the entirety of Ron’s Study Technology, including the nine Study Tapes. The principles and information contained in these lectures, and the issues and drills on this course, are vital to your understanding of Scientology and thereby your progress up The Bridge.

The product of the STUDENT HAT is a student who has the know-how and tools to be able to study and apply the materials of any course and will do so. Do the STUDENT HAT study course at your local mission.


None, although METHOD ONE Word Clearing is recommended.

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