METHOD ONE® Co-Audit Course

You can fully recover your education, gain the ability to study new data rapidly and duplicate what you are reading on the Method One Co-Audit Course. Method One Word Clearing is done on an E-MeterTM in session with a Word Clearing auditor. On this course, you’ll learn how to do this on a Co-Audit basis. A co-audit is a team of any two people who are helping each other reach a better life with processing.

Method One Word Clearing clears up past misunderstood words in subjects that you have already studied. These misunderstood words can hold you back on course and in life right now, whether you are aware of them or not. You can gain remarkable ease studying any subject by doing this action. Additionally, some incredible gains can be gotten by both giving and receiving this auditing.

Upon completion of your Method One Word Clearing and STUDENT HAT courses, you become a Fast Flow Student, entitled to wear a Fast Flow Student pin and study fast flow through your checksheets. This rockets your progress up the training side of The Bridge and also the processing Grade Chart, when you continue to co-audit.

Do the Method One Co-Audit Course in your local Scientology mission and gain the ability to duplicate the technology to the fullest!

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