The Bridge® Courses

The influence of the reactive mind and its mechanisms present obstacles which destroy man’s self-confidence, ruin his ambitions and cause his psychosomatic ills. Real and lasting happiness is difficult to attain if these obstacles remain unseen and unknown.

“Scientology is a science of life. It is the one thing senior to life because it handles all the factors of life. It contains the data necessary to live as a free being. A reality on Scientology is a reality on life.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor magazine Issue 27
Training in Scientology principles enables one to unveil the reactive mind and understand how it works. By understanding the factors of life and developing skills to handle them, happiness can be achieved.

There is factually no higher ability than the ability to restore life to its native potentials. Thus the value of Scientology technology is found in its actual application to oneself, a preclear or the situations one encounters in life.

You can begin your training at your Scientology mission by doing your METHOD ONE Co-Audit and STUDENT HAT study course. The ability to study and to comprehend what you learn forms the foundation for your progress up the training side of THE BRIDGE, and you can apply these study basics in life to learn any subject.

Scientology training is available at the academy of your local Church of Scientology Central Organization. In just two weeks of training full-time, you can complete an Academy level. And when you start your Academy levels, you learn vital technology straight from L. Ron Hubbard — contained only in the Technical Training Films, which are seen only by students on their Academy levels. You’ll gain certainty of the technology and the ability to apply it standardly.

Find the Church of Scientology nearest you and call. Ask to speak with the Registrar about Academy training or see the Registrar in your local Scientology mission for help to start your training.