Special & Optional Rundowns

FSM Correction List

Field Staff Members (central organization and mission staff members that work outside of the organization to bring in new public for services) are a vital part of SCIENTOLOGY expansion. This tool helps FSMs overcome past failures, losses and barriers so that they can get back on the dissemination lines of the planet and contribute.

Auditor Correction List

Auditors get back into their chair, auditing and winning again with this action. It can help an auditor spot why his technology went out in the first place.

Case Supervisor Correction List

This list helps a case supervisor get standard technology back in on the job and locate his individual reason for difficulties.

Course Supervisor Correction List

A supervisor can get sorted out and back on the floor supervising and winning, with students moving along well on their courses.

Hubbard Consultant
Outpoint/Pluspoint List

If you have a job or a position where you need to evaluate and spot outpoints and pluspoints, this action can set your thinking straight so you can see what is really going on. Gain the ability to correctly and accurately observe.

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