Special & Optional Rundowns

Student Rehabilitation List

Man looking at valley This list debugs a bogged student and gets him sailing along again in his studies. You can recover a blown student with this correction action, or get an auditor back in the chair auditing. Anyone who studies — college students and grammar school students alike — can benefit from this action.

Study Correction List

“Freedom is the absence of barriers. The more matter, energy, time or space assumes command over the individual the less Freedom that individual has.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from the book Dianetics 55!
This list simply clears up any difficulties that a student may have encountered in his recent studies so that he is freed from these and ready to go again.

Study Green Form

For some people, study is a miserable, traumatic subject. A lot of charge can build up in the area of study, especially when today’s schooling standards and techniques come into the scene. Persistent study troubles resolve with the Study Green Form, which zeros in on the exact areas where something is wrong.

Executive Correction List

This list locates and handles difficulties that can arise with being an executive. Failed executives can get a new viewpoint on their work and life.


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