Special & Optional Rundowns

Asthma or Allergy Rundown

Asthma and allergies can make life miserable. Why suffer when you can be free from the effects of things that cause these ailments? This rundown can put you more at cause over the physical universe and bring relief.

Fear of People Rundown

Ron originally developed this rundown for technically trained terminals so that they would not back off from anyone receiving auditing. However, this rundown has a far broader use and addresses a fear of or back off from handling any kind of person, such as bosses, celebrities, parents, the opposite sex — whatever you personally need to handle.


This processing restores your personal integrity and frees you from self-imposed barriers you may not even be aware of. Gain freedom from harmful actions committed in the past and increase your ability to reach and be causative over your life.


This rundown addresses something directly which is not taken up in other rundowns: the underlying reasons that a person may fail in his daily conduct to relay information. The Vital Information Rundown unblocks communication stops and aberrations that have been hidden from view. One benefit commonly reported is the ability to study and absorb information far better.


Locate and handle the things that cause a person to look inwardly and fixate on himself. This can manifest itself in diminished activity in life, unhappiness and illness. The Introspection Rundown produces an extroverted individual who can see his environment and therefore handle and control it.

South African Rundown

Developed by Ron to handle case phenomena found in citizens of South Africa. This rundown is tailor-made for an entire continent! South Africans who complete this have experienced expanded beingness and an increased ability to really live. This rundown smoothes the way for the gains that can be attained on the rest of the Grade Chart, while delivering a spectacular end phenomena by itself.

Student Booster Rundown

The Student Booster Rundown is a study remedy which can speed up a student’s progress. It is also vital for business executives, secretaries and anyone else who must deal with a large amount of written information on a daily basis. Study with speed and confidence, with the full ability to apply it.


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