Special & Optional Rundowns

SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS spiritual technology can handle any condition in life. Numerous special and optional rundowns zero in on specific situations and conditions. Depending on your individual needs, a specially trained Supervisor may recommend that you receive one of these rundowns. If you are particularly interested in receiving one, see your Registrar who will arrange a consultation for you with the technical staff.

“...the one impulse in man which cannot be erased is his impulse towards freedom, his impulse towards sanity, towards higher levels of attainment in all of his endeavors.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from the book Dianetics 55!
False Purpose Rundown
counseling on considerations

Cut straight through barriers of ages past to blow away destructive false purposes that prevent you from fully being, doing and having. Gain certainty of yourself and your basic purpose, increase your activity level and capacity for living.

Interiorization Rundown

After a person has had auditing and exteriorized from his body, he may find it difficult to exteriorize again. The Interiorization Rundown addresses this phenomenon and handles it so that you can achieve the full gains available to you as promised on the Grade Chart.

PTS Rundown

“PTS” means “Potential Trouble Source.” Anyone who is ill or who roller-coasters is under suppression from some quarter of existence. Until this is located and handled, one’s life will continue to be derailed by factors unseen and out of one’s control. If this sounds like you, get the PTS Rundown so that you can be at cause and prosper! Prerequisites: Set ups for the rundown, as determined by a specially trained Supervisor.

Marriage Counseling

This service is delivered in the office of the Chaplain and assists couples to get to the root cause of their marital difficulties. Good relationships can be restored and sanity can again reign. Restore the Affinity, Reality and Communication in your marriage with Scientology Marriage Counseling.

Suppressed Person Rundown

This rundown is based upon a principle that one can bring the suppressive in a person’s life into communication to seek peace himself, without ever contacting him directly. Expertly delivered, this rundown has salvaged many a life which had been the target of suppression. Become more stable and less effect! Prerequisites: PTS education step, PTS interview and the PTS Rundown.

Psych Repair Rundown

Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts can do untold damage to a person with evaluation, invalidation, drugs and many other damaging abuses. Ron developed a means to undo their ill effects with this special auditing action. Regain your own point of view with the Psych Repair Rundown.

EST Repair Rundown

If you attended Erhard Seminar Training (EST) or Forum (one of its off-shoots), this rundown can repair any damage done by this off-beat activity. EST practices contained just enough truth, “borrowed” from Scientology processes, to get a case into restimulation — and then left it in that state without any means to repair it. This rundown undoes the damage and removes any stops so you can get everything Scientology has to offer.


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