New Era Dianetics® Auditing Successes

Disability Rundown

On the Disability Rundown you can address anything that you personally consider to be a disability. The rundown is entirely tailor-made to the individual. Disabilities can include anything from an inability to talk to girls to being unable to speak another language. Whatever the person considers a disability may be taken up.

“This rundown is very fast and simple. But don’t let that fool you. It’s powerful and totally handles any disability a person has. For me, it made my daily routine at work effortless. I’ve doubled my typing speed and with less mistakes. It handled considerations I had of not being able to do things. They’re gone now, with no more invalidation of self.” T.K.

“Wow! All those disabilities, and the punch line is that they aren’t disabilities unless I consider them to be. Another great New Era Dianetics Rundown!” B.B.

Identity Rundown

Ever feel like you’re “not quite yourself today?” The Identity Rundown helps a person “find himself” and gives him a whole new viewpoint on life.

“I had a great day today. I saw how the seemingly tiniest plans hang on and on and on. I have seen from that, the birth of some of my traits. The mist of the deep past is lifting. I am so looking forward to seeing more of what I have seen and straightening it all out.” D.C.

NED® Prepared Assessment Form

This NED process locates any unwanted conditions that hold you back, and gives you a bright new outlook on the future. The assessment zeros in on the exact areas to handle.

Dianetics® Student Rescue Intensive

Bad experiences in school or failures to learn something can block a person’s ability to learn. Just as its name implies, this rundown rescues a student who is not doing well so that he can absorb and apply knowledge at a fast rate.

Past Life Remedy

In order to fully recover one’s full ability and potential, it is necessary to be able to “return” the mind to incidents in the past — even those in previous lifetimes. This rundown helps to unlock memories that remain hidden from view so that you can fully experience the results of New Era Dianetics auditing procedures.

“Now the door is open. Memories of past lives are real to me. Before the remedy was complete, pictures popped into my mind that were never there before and they explained some things to me. The images are strangely real, feel real and smell real. I don’t recognize myself in the images nor do I recognize anyone else, but I sure recognize the experience. This is really fascinating, and will certainly help explain many aspects of my life.” R.M.

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