“THE answer was and still is Dianetics.”
L. Ron Hubbard
On New Era Dianetics auditing you address unwanted attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains. And as you progress through your NED® auditing program, you can erase more and more of your own reactive mind. Many even achieve the state of Clear with this high-powered and streamlined Dianetics technology! Ron developed New Era Dianetics processes to deliver everything and anything the book, Dianetics, ever mentioned — with lightning speed. Engrams are gone for good — and so are the aberrations that they held in place.

New Era Dianetics auditing includes a battery of rundowns that zero in on specific areas an individual needs to handle. A specially trained Supervisor determines which of these may be needed for you so that you can become powerful and able to lead a happier and more productive life.

After completing your New Era Dianetics auditing, you will be a well and happy human being — or perhaps even Clear!


Scientology® Grade IV auditing completion.

NED® Drug Rundown

On this rundown, the harmful effects of drugs are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion or need to take drugs. This service handles drugs and the real reason a person started taking them in the first place.

“I found out where all my inhibitions had come from. I feel fantastic! I found each item I took up kept unraveling the reactive mind step-by-step. My confront has totally come up, way up. I’m a lot calmer, and there are no circuits. I can go on and on. It’s tremendous! If you haven’t done your NED Drug Rundown, do it as soon as possible.” L.C.

Addressing drugs with NED technology removes the barriers that prevent progress up THE BRIDGE levels. It is a vital step on your NED program.

Relief Rundown

We’ve all heard the saying that “time heals all wounds,” but as anyone who has suffered a loss can tell you, this is not really the case. Severe losses or sudden changes in your life, such as the death of a relative or even a pet, the loss of a favorite possession, the loss of a job or a position, can cast gloom over an entire lifetime. Until New Era Dianetics auditing, there was no relief from such grief, failure and setback. The Relief Rundown detects and handles the points where one’s life changed for the worse after such an incident.

“I had a continuing problem of homesickness and stuck attention on my family. I didn’t know why this was so and was not fully aware of what effect this had on me. On the Relief Rundown I ran out my father’s death. I discovered to my surprise that it was already expected years earlier that my father would die. There was an agreement in my family that this would happen and happen it did. When I discovered this the whole incident erased for good. I no longer get that homesick feeling or have fixed attention on my past. This rundown has really improved my whole outlook on life for the better.” T.K.

“I’m feeling incredible! I have a great understanding of what has slowed down my expansion. I can actually look at incidents and not get griefy or feel loss.” L.C.


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