Grade IV

“Man’s abilities tend to be individually specialized. He is so intent upon some action that he is clumsy in performing others.

“Moving out of a fixed condition and being able to do other things is attained as a Grade IV Release.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor magazine Issue 10

Grade IV auditing addresses an automatic mechanism that has robbed individuals of their ability to experience new things and attain new abilities. You may have found yourself in fixed conditions in life and wondered, “Why do I always react that way?” or “Why can’t I seem to make any progress?”

Many people are aware of an ability they have, or something they have always wanted to do, that they have never quite realized or fulfilled. This can be due to a stuck pattern of behavior, unchanging attitude or false consideration that is not native to the being himself.

The answers are revealed on Grade IV! After this auditing you can choose, act and experience life in new ways previously unavailable to you. Life takes on a new meaning. You have a choice! Barriers to the ability to learn and do new things are stripped away. It simply must be experienced to be believed.

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Ability Gained

Moving out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things. Ability Release.

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