Grade III

“Man is chained to the upsets in his past.
“He has never understood why he felt so upset and misunderstood about his family or people or situations.
“Most men dwell perpetually on troubles they have had. They lead sad lives.
“Freedom from the upsets of the past with the ability to face the future is almost an unknown condition to man.
“It is attained as a Grade III Release.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor magazine Issue 10
Long-term upsets can shadow the brilliance of your life in present time. A bad experience in your past can fix your attention and prevent you from reaching for the future.

There is no need to allow painful memories to interfere with your life today.

On SCIENTOLOGY Grade III, you address upsets that still trouble you and which cause you to withdraw or feel cautious about some portion of your life.

Happiness is attainable. With these upsets handled, the future can look exciting again.

After Grade III, you’re on your way to a new tomorrow!

Free yourself from the upsets of the past and gain the ability to face the future. Do Scientology Grade III.

Ability Gained

Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future. Freedom Release.

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