Grade II

“Man has never known, except in some of the rare miracle workers he regarded as saints, how to bring relief to various ills.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor magazine Issue 10
Things others have done to you, things you have done to others and even things you have done to yourself – these cause regrets and prevent you from living life to its fullest. Why dwell on the mistakes of the past?

It is an observable fact that man is basically good, because when he commits harmful acts, he individuates and seeks to prevent himself from further damaging those that he loves and the things he really cares about. This can manifest itself in many ways – withdrawal from an area of activity, suddenly leaving or deserting someone, and even illness. Harmful acts reduce your ability to reach and get things done.

On Scientology Grade II you can face these things and experience tremendous relief from past transgressions and burdens. Many people experience improved perception, including better hearing and eyesight. Often this processing can peel the years off of one’s appearance — you can feel and look younger and get a whole new viewpoint on life.

Scientology Grade II addresses the things that hold you back. You can feel a resurgence in your own integrity and restore truth and honesty around you.

Expand your abilities and cause things to happen in life without feeling the need to restrain or hold yourself back in any way.

Do your Scientology Grade II and handle what keeps you from reaching in life!

Ability Gained

Relief from the hostilities and sufferings of life. Relief Release.

Success Stories

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