The Expanded Grades
Milestones on the Road to Freedom

“They are the wonder workers which put ability to live back into life. They handle the basics of relationships amongst people and improve one’s ability to handle himself and others.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from Ron’s Journal 30
The Scientology Expanded Grades are some of the most important steps you’ll take on the Road to Total Freedom. Ron said of the Grades, “’They’re the collection of those things which, if violated, prevent any advance of the case. If one of those things are out, then the case never goes OT. Simple.” The grades are vital to your future progress up The Bridge auditing and deliver gains far beyond anything ever dreamed by man.

With each Expanded Grade, you are gradually released more and more from your reactive bank. You still have a reactive mind, but you are no longer stuck in it. IQ and ability rise and you become more aware and causative.

A person who has completed his Scientology Expanded Grades has been elevated beyond what is commonly accepted as the modern “norm” for human beings. He is “homo novis” the “new man.”

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