Grade I

Problems — everyone has them. Juggling an active career while raising a family, for instance, can present a multitude of problems as you try to make ends meet. Interpersonal relationships can get frayed and create more problems. And on a global scale, political and other problems keep escalating with seemingly no end in sight.

Mankind keeps trying to solve problems but they just get bigger and bigger.

What would your life be like if your problems vanished? And what would the world be like if everyone could do that?

A being who is in a higher state of existence can look at a problem, recognize the actual source of it and then make it disappear.

That’s the ability you gain on Scientology Grade I. On this level you’ll address problems that affect your life and prevent you from attaining your goals. After Grade I, you may wonder how problems could have ever been a barrier to you.

“Man solves problems. A being in a higher state looks at them and they vanish. There are fantastic phenomena here which man has never, before Scientology, examined.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor magazine Issue 10
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Ability Gained

Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish. Problems Release.

“I don’t seem to have any real problems. And if I do, I know I can confront and handle them. That’s what I realized. The root to start handling any problem is to confront it and then it’s not a problem any more. For so many years I ran from all my problems and of course they stayed problems. Now I can truly see how to handle things.” L.R.

“I feel that I can help others and myself. Grade I Processing gave me back the ability to solve problems. Thanks!” S.H.

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