Grade 0 Successes

“It was a fantastic success for me to be able and willing to take responsibility for all communication. I had only been taking responsibility for my own communication and not very well at that. Now I can not only give out any communication on any subject, but also receive any at anyone’s emotional tone and it’s perfectly okay for others to communicate to others on any subject.” D.M.

“Grade 0 has greatly improved my communications ability. I had many ‘hang-ups’ on this subject which are now handled. I wish I would have done this twenty years ago.” M.S.

“This was a terrific level for me. There were very big stops in my road which made it difficult to outflow to others in many cases. These are gone. It’s a very free feeling and takes a great deal of effort out of my daily life.” F.K.

“I had a chance on Grade 0 today to examine an area of operation I had been caught up in that was denying beingness to others from myself and to myself from others. I viewed this phenomenon from an exterior viewpoint and had the realization that I could, with communication, operate so that this would no longer affect my views of others. I feel much more free to accept communications from others and much more able to communicate to others as a result of this.” E.I.

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