Grade 0

Scientology Grade 0-become a Communication Release Do you find some subjects hard to talk about? Are there some types of people you’ve just never been able to speak to comfortably? Have you ever felt tongue-tied in front of a group of associates?

Communication is an inextricable part of life, and the extent to which a person cannot communicate is the extent to which his ability to live life has been reduced. Man is as alive as he can communicate.

On Scientology Grade 0, you can become a Communications Release. Barriers to communication are removed from your life, leaving you more able to change things for the better and create your future.

“He who can truly communicate to others is a higher being who builds new worlds.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor magazine Issue 10
New horizons of ability open up to you as a Grade 0 Release. You can give and receive information easily, and communicate openly with anyone, with the result of increased understanding. Your interpersonal relationships improve and so does your whole outlook on life.

Grade 0 handles any blocks to communicating anything to anybody, or any discomfort with others communicating things to you. On Grade 0 you can acquire the ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

Ability Gained

Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject. Communications Release.

Success Stories

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