ARC Straightwire® processing

After any needed drug handling, you’re ready to get started on the road to Clear. The next major steps you take are the Scientology Grades, including ARC STRAIGHTWIRE.

The auditing technique “Straightwire” addresses direct memory. You’ll have the opportunity to recall many pleasant things from the past. The processes of ARC STRAIGHTWIRE improve your recall and sharpen your ability to remember things.

The ARC STRAIGHTWIRE processes actually return you to pleasant moments in your past so you can re-experience them again — right in your auditing session. This ability is necessary for future auditing with other Scientology and DIANETICS processes.

Affinity, Reality and Communication Triangle
The components of understanding are Affinity, Reality and Communication. Affinity is the degree of liking or affection. Reality is agreement, or that which appears to be, and Communication is the interchange of ideas or objects. Together these form an interrelated triangle, called in Scientology, the ARC triangle.
A person can experience an incredible increase of Affinity, Reality and Communication with their present time environment. Gain a higher level of understanding of things that are happening in your life now, as well as things that occurred in the past.

ARC STRAIGHTWIRE Processing takes you to a stable point as a being so you can live more successfully and take control of your life.

The ability gained from ARC STRAIGHTWIRE is the knowledge and the certainty that you won’t get any worse. From here on out, as you travel the rest of The BRIDGE, you are only getting better and better.

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State Attained: Recall Release.

Ability Gained

Knows he/she won’t get any worse.

Success Stories

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