Scientology® Drug Rundown Successes

“I just completed my Scientology Drug Rundown. I never understood until now exactly what drugs do and to what extent they have affected me. In fact, I never really knew totally what was happening when I took them. Now I do know and I do feel free from their effects, and all the unwanted ‘things’ associated with having taken drugs are truly gone. I’ve had some big realizations and I feel a new awareness.” P.C.

“During the Scientology Drug Rundown I found a lot of difficulty remembering the experiences because I took so many drugs during my teenage years. The incidents seemed to all flow together because I was taking different substances almost daily. By the end of the rundown I could picture each incident clearly and felt better after each one. Thanks for the auditing and thank you Ron.” H.A.

“The Scientology Drug Rundown was a fabulous action. Even though I did not take many drugs in my life, I can really tell the difference. I feel more aware, more THERE. I realized how badly the medicines I took had affected me, in my job and in life in general. I can now think clearly, be more alert and also act FASTER. I used to move and act much more slowly in any activities I participated in and I could never understand why. Now, in anything I do I can act at the speed I want to, at my job, at home and also in any sports activities I partake in. There is nothing that would hold me back.” J.W.

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