Scientology® Drug Rundown

Scientologist On your PURIFICATION RUNDOWN you achieved freedom from the restimulative effects of drugs and toxins. And on your TRs and Objectives, you became fully oriented in present time. The Scientology Drug Rundown is your next step! This action, delivered in your local mission, addresses the devastating mental and spiritual damage that can follow in the wake of drug use.

“Modern” drug clinics have unsuccessfully tried to reduce a person’s cravings for drugs and alcohol. L. Ron Hubbard, however, researched deeper and developed his full line of Drug Handling technology to virtually eliminate the reasons one takes drugs in the first place and put him on the road to gaining his own full potential.

“Recent research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element in these societies today is drugs.
“Drugs retard or prevent case gain. In the presence of a heavy drug history, any case gain is minimal and temporary.
“Unless drugs are handled first.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from Ron’s Journal 31
This rundown opens the route for all future spiritual gains on THE BRIDGE. Release the mental mass associated with drugs and fully regain your vigor and power to live! Do the Scientology Drug Rundown.

Ability Gained

Released from the harmful effects of drugs, medicine or alcohol.

Success Stories

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