The States of Existence
by L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard Man is so visibly MAN that he overlooked in most of his philosophies and all of his sciences that there is more than one state of existence attainable by man.

Indeed, until we came along and changed their minds, all nineteenth century psychologists stated that man could never change. And described only one state of existence — mortal man.

If you think about it for a moment, you will see that there are many states of existence even in man. He is rich or poor, well or sick, old or young, married or single. If man can alter his state of existence as a man, could he be anything else than a man? Or a woman or a boy or a girl?

There are two or more lower (and abhorrent) states of existence.

The state of ANIMAL is quite often descended to by man as a chronic condition. Not only in mental hospitals, but in life, one can find such changes. Indeed, since 1870 the psychologists have said man was an animal.

Man can also change to a state of matter. This is also seen in mental hospitals.

But those are lower states. Are there any upper and happier states?

These are the whole of the horizon and attainment of Scientology. We are not seeking to make the insane sane. We are seeking to make a man into a higher being.

There are many states of existence besides that of man. This has been touched on by earlier philosophies. What is new about Scientology is that one being can attain several different states of existence in just one lifetime.

This is so novel an outlook that it is no wonder Scientologists are sometimes misunderstood and are taken for healers or psychiatrists.

In fact man at large has never thought of it before. That he personally and in this lifetime could become something far higher and better than a man is brand-new to him. He has heard of dying and his soul going to heaven or hell, and he has variously regarded the prospect as good or boring or terrifying.

But for John Doe to hear that he can become a higher being is a new thing.

Some savants amongst the Himalayas have worked in this direction. Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) spoke of it. Fifteen or twenty years of hard work were said to result in a nebulous conclusion.

There are actually nine clear-cut states of existence higher than Homo sapiens.

A sick man would think the best possible states would be a well man or a dead man, and whereas these might be (to him) desirable states, they are still man.