TRs and Objectives Co-Audit Successes

“The Objectives Processing has been a great experience. I’m back in present time and it feels good. I’ve regained some of my powerful abilities. An equally big success for me was auditing another person and using TRs. I feel a lot more control over bodies and the physical universe.” M.K.

“Upon completion of my Objectives I’ve experienced a greater awareness of not only the surroundings but also myself. My state of mind is much clearer and I feel much happier about myself and about others as well. I have a tingly feeling flowing through my body and also have a feeling of being incredibly strong. What a change for the better.” N.C.A.

“After completing the TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course, I feel a lot calmer and more relaxed. I seem more comfortable with people and things around me. I also feel I can do more without getting as tired or as burned out as I used to in day-to-day activities.” J.S.

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