TRs and Objectives Co-Audit

Two people at a Scientology Mission Once you’ve completed the PURIFICATION RUNDOWN program and have been freed from the restimulative effects of drugs and toxins, you are ready to become fully reoriented to your surroundings and get into full swing in life.

Drugs and chemicals seriously impair your mind’s abilities to respond rationally and causatively. A great deal of your awareness and attention has been buried in past mental image pictures that can cloud your perception of present time reality. You feel out of touch.

The TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course is your next action.

“TRs” (training regimens or routines) are practical drills that put you at cause over communication — the key to success in all human relationships.

“Objective” actions have to do with material objects and the person’s relationship to the environment, as opposed to “subjective” actions which have to do with a person’s mental concepts or ideas.

A “Co-Audit” is a team of any two people who are helping each other reach a better life with Scientology Processing.

A person can be stuck in different moments in the past and his behavior and attitudes can be heavily influenced by these in present time. This can be handled with Objective Processing.

Reach a better life with Scientology Objective processes bring a person gradually into present time. They increase perception and put you more and more at cause over your body and the environment. This makes you feel “more there” — brighter and more alert. Confidence and ability improve and you can become more able to handle situations in life and achieve personal goals. Objectives provide the biophysical handling that puts you back in touch with the physical universe — including your own body.

The TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course helps you restore your awareness of present time and return to full vibrant life. You can feel a tremendous increase in self-certainty as well as the satisfaction of doing this for another person.

The cost of the TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course includes your course pack and all supervisory services. The course pack has been specially illustrated for easy learning — anyone can do it! The theory study portion of this course takes only four days full-time to complete and you can audit as long as you like to attain the full results of the practical section.

Do your TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course at your local Scientology mission! It gives you a new lease on life!


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