Purification Rundown® Program Successes

“I knew that the medical drugs I had taken in the past had had an effect on me, but until I got onto the PURIFICATION RUNDOWN I really hadn’t realized just how much they had affected me.

“Drugs suppress a being’s emotional tone, and mine was somewhere around despair. I had almost given up on attaining my goals in life, and I felt I COULDN’T do anything about it. I was wooden and unfeeling. Well — that has all REALLY changed. I have so much time, my work is getting done without much effort, I am happy to be alive. When I wake up in the morning I am actually EXCITED that it’s another day. If you knew me before the Purification Rundown you would know that this is an incredible change!

“Did I need this? You bet.” P.H.

“The Purification Rundown has taken out all the toxins from my body and I have a new vitality now! My memory is better, my eyes are clearer and my skin is cleaner. My whole body feels healthier and more comfortable. I recommend this highly to everyone — it’s a great feeling!” H.M.

“This action is totally incredible and vital to the well-being of any individual. I am totally clean for the first time ever this lifetime with no craving for caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, etc. I really feel the difference in my body and I am also far more aware and thinking faster and clearer!” E.I.

“I feel really great. I have more energy and I feel totally revived from what I thought was ‘normal for a woman my age.’ What I had been feeling was actually ‘normal for a woman who had absorbed the normal amount of toxins in her 40 years.’

“My outlook on life is clearer — very much so. I was actually pretty spaced-out before. Best of all — my ability to BE anything and DO anything has increased to a very causative level!

“There is not a person alive on Planet Earth who would not benefit from this incredible rundown. Thank you L. Ron Hubbard!” L.H.

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