Happiness Rundown Auditing Successes

“The HAPPINESS RUNDOWN was a great action to do. I had very specific things that I wanted handled, and I got them all handled.

“I feel life can be lived much easier, without all the effort I had previously experienced. I have great stable information to follow now and use daily. My family life is much calmer and my doing the Happiness Rundown has helped my children also: I can get them to apply the data too, gradiently. I am in much better communication and control with my group members and am spending much less time on being upset or exasperated. Life is much easier now.” N.S.

“This rundown has in my opinion the greatest truth value of all rundowns. It also has great application.

“It allowed me to be again what I like to be, think what I like to think, do what I want to do and experience what I want to experience without any feeling that I shouldn’t.


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