Marriage Counseling Successes

Happy Couple The family is the building block of a culture, and when a society loses sight of that fact, it loses its foundations. With that in mind, L. Ron Hubbard did much to isolate the sources of familial problems and provide a means to bring family members back together again.

Ron set out to discover the real reason behind marital problems by addressing the root of all such difficulties: transgressions against the previously agreed-upon moral code that now inhibit communication and the survival of the marriage.

Like the techniques employed to help the ill or injured, Scientology Marriage Counseling is an assist. It is intended to alleviate marital problems by addressing the root of all such difficulties. There has never before been such a direct and successful means of repairing a marriage so that open communication is restored and the upsets of the past are fully handled.

“Scientology Marriage Counseling is a very powerful technique for restoring Affinity, Reality and Communication between marital partners whose relationship has become strained or is headed for divorce.”
L. Ron Hubbard
The procedure is explained to both marriage partners so they understand how untold transgressions can destroy a marriage. With the principles firmly understood by both partners, the Chaplain in a Scientology mission proceeds to help the couple while he maintains strict impartiality.

Scientology Chaplains have successfully salvaged thousands of marriages from the brink of dissolution using these procedures.

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