Assists Processing

From handling a toothache, to helping a child over his bumps and bruises, to handling co-workers messing up in the workplace, from helping someone get over a cold, to bringing a person out of a coma — millions of people have experienced the dramatic results of assists.

L. Ron Hubbard developed a tremendous number of assist processes over the years to help alleviate the effects of physical and emotional trauma and speed recovery.

These processes are applicable at all levels of THE BRIDGE. Although assists are often the first contact a person has with Scientology technology they are also used throughout a person’s progress up The Bridge to alleviate present time discomforts. They are actions undertaken to assist the spirit to confront physical difficulties.

“I gave my daughter a fever assist today. Prior to the assist she could not stay awake and her fever was 103. On the third command of the assist she opened her eyes and said, ‘Wow, I feel much better.’ Her fever was gone!” D.E.

“I had an accident three years ago. A car ran over my leg, breaking it in two places very badly. It would not heal. I had to use a walker so that I could move along. I had surgery three times and was about to go in for a fourth operation when I received some assist Processing. The places where the bones were broken in my leg were numb and insensitive when we began, and had been like this since the accident.

“Assists... can help to relieve the physical and mental trauma from injury or illness.”
L. Ron Hubbard
“During the assist I became aware that my leg was feeling warm and there was a tingling sensation in it — I could feel it again. After just a few minutes I was crying with happiness and I started to walk all around the room, just holding onto the furniture with one hand. I was walking faster and faster. It was a miracle.

“A week later I went back to the hospital for an X-ray and the doctors were amazed. The bones were finally healing! I don’t have to have any more surgery. I am just continuing with the assists and it is getting better each day. It is incredible and I am very grateful!” M.E.

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