Scientology Life ImprovementTM Courses

How to Maintain a Successful Marriage Course:

“This course really, really helped my marriage. My husband and I realized that we could really create our marriage to be wonderful.” D.F.

How to Improve Your Marriage Course:

“My husband and I have completed the How to Improve Your Marriage Course. Each time we learned something we would go home and during the last few weeks one of us would use the information. It has made our communication on so many things much more positive. We have enjoyed using these tools and it has been exciting to see the positive changes that have already taken place! We have found each other again, as well as ourselves.” K.Z.

How to Make Work Easier Course:

“All I can say is ‘Do the course.’ It is wonderful, great and stupendous. Data about: (1) Why people don’t work, (2) How criminals are made and (3) How to solve your problems at work. Wow!” W.S.

The Dynamics of Money Course:

“For the first time I know what money is and I FINALLY understand what economics are! It gave me an exterior point of view on the subject. Before, I was wondering what all this was about and I couldn’t find the answer. But Ron explains it so simply and so truly that you can understand.” N.M.

Financial Success Course:

“With the data from the Financial Success Course I now have real tools I can use to get my finances into a much higher condition permanently. With all the financial demands I have I feel much more willing to confront and handle (or ignore!) the stops or attempts to stop me. Let’s put it this way: I know what I’m doing tomorrow. And for a whole bunch of tomorrows. Without any doubts or reservations.” L.T.

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