Scientology Life ImprovementTM Courses

The Dynamics of Money Course

Money. We all have problems with it. We all need more of it. Too little of it ends up in the bank and too much of it flows out to our creditors. Just what is money? What does it represent? And understanding that, is it possible to control the flow of money and increase it? The answer is YES. On The Dynamics of Money Course you can gain the knowledge, control and know-how to turn your financial scene around.

Financial Success Course

Personal finances can be confusing. You can get lots of advice on how to handle them, but how can you really safeguard your money and make it work for you in this risky day and age?

All finances, whether business or personal, operate on certain basic, fundamental laws. These laws have been isolated and are revealed on the Financial Success Course.

A full understanding and application of these laws brings about financial improvement — even prosperity. Study L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs:

  • Principles of exchange
  • Credit standing
  • Financial planning
  • Seven secrets of solvency.

You’ll do practical drills and demonstrations which enable you to put this data directly to use with maximum effect.

Prerequisite for this course is the How to Improve Conditions in Life Course.

Why have financial problems? Take this course and learn how to overcome them!

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