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How to Improve Your Marriage CourseHow to Improve Your
Marriage Course

When a marriage is falling apart it may seem hopeless to try to restore communication – and even less possible to restore trust or happiness. The divorce rate and the incidence of “single parents” in our society are testimony to the fact that men and women do not have the know-how to prevent such heartbreaks. “Modern” psychological “marriage counseling” rarely advances beyond airing grievances and then making compromises which deaden the joy in a marriage. This course provides real help. You can:

  • Restore real communication between husband and wife
  • Regain honesty and trust in the relationship.

Prerequisite for this course is the completion of Scientology Marriage Counseling with a Scientology Minister.

How to Be a Successful Parent CourseHow to Be a Successful
Parent Course

Your child’s future – and your own happiness – depend on how you handle your child. Do you know the right actions to take? Can you maintain discipline and have the warm, loving relationships that you want in your family? Can you prepare your child for success in life without breaking his spirit or independence? This course gives you the know-how you need. Find out:

  • What’s behind childhood revolts
  • How to increase a child’s intelligence and self-reliance
  • How to handle children’s upsets
  • How to establish real communication with your children.

The prerequisite for this course is the How to Improve Relationships with Others Course.

Create the happy family you want. Enroll on this course!

How to Make Work Easier Course How to Make Work
Easier Course

Today the workplace is more competitive than ever. Jobs are scarce and you need every skill you can acquire to survive in the work-a-day jungle. Even if you have a steady job, how can you escape the dull grind that poisons creativity and enthusiasm for life? Until now, there were no answers. This course makes the able man more able. It gives him the tools he needs to forward his own career and really find satisfaction in his work. You’ll learn some amazing things:

  • How to deal with confusions on the job without becoming overwhelmed
  • The key to dealing with co-workers, subordinates and even the boss
  • A simple exercise you can do to handle exhaustion
  • Exercises you can do to increase your control on the job
  • The secrets of increasing job satisfaction.

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