Scientology Life ImprovementTM Courses

How to Improve Conditions in Life Course:

“An excellent course. This data will help anyone be successful. I recommend it for kids, parents, coaches, salesmen, politicians and anyone who wants to be successful and in control of their success.” A.B.

Personal Values and Integrity Course:

“I am amazed at the way the course directed me to look at my problems and showed me by my own thoughts what the answers were. This was my first experience in Scientology and with the help of capable, kind and understanding staff it was a pleasurable incident in my life.” S.O.

Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course:

“I got to look at people I have known in the past and can see who was acting against others and myself and also who was really making others feel good through their actions.” S.H.

How to Improve Relationships with Others Course:

“I have a greater understanding on how to communicate with people. I feel less isolated. I am more willing to interact with others. I have increased knowledge of the workings of conflicts. I feel more a part of the group. And I will use my skills to achieve these goals.” J.K.


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