The Hubbard Dianetics® Seminar

Hubbard Dianetics Seminar In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard startled the world with the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. The book not only announced his discovery of the reactive mind, but its ultimate resolution: the state of Clear. Since then, clearing has been a reality. And today, missions offer Dianetics® services to millions around the world.

No matter what your familiarity or expertise with the principles in the book Dianetics, you can benefit from the HUBBARD Dianetics Seminar. In this hands-on seminar, you learn how to do Dianetics auditing and then actually apply it to another and have it applied to you. It’s as easy as talking to a friend, but the precise techniques can produce remarkable improvement in your attitude and self-respect.

You will be trained on how to audit another person. Team up with a friend — any two people can do it!

The seminar takes about two days or five evenings — many people complete it in as little as a single weekend. No matter what schedule you choose, the seminar is self-paced so you proceed at your own rate.

Attendees report incredible relief after experiencing Dianetics techniques:

“I really thought I was over the loss of my job, but after being audited I realized I was still sad, angry and confused over the reasons and timing of the layoff. The loss of the job made me stagnate and unwilling to look for other jobs, and undermined my confidence. Now I feel 100 times better!” S.G.

“In my auditing process, I overcame the guilt I have been carrying with me over an accident of a dear friend. This experience always seemed so overwhelming and now I feel like a big load has been lifted from me.” K.C.

Participants commonly gain astonishing insights into the basic nature of man and the true potentials of the human mind.

“I feel like I’ve been released from a bondage that has been keeping me on the verge of tears constantly. I can now face forward without fear in my heart. I feel that my children and I will be reunited and our lives are only going to get better.” S.R.

“I audited someone through a surgery he recently had. It was very easy to do and he loved it. The best part was the results that we got all in just 1/2 hour!” J.F.

The cost of this affordable seminar includes all of your materials. You’ll receive a hardback copy of Dianetics and an illustrated workbook that teaches you, in pictures, the basics of Dianetics and how to apply it.

Discover how you can maintain a positive attitude in life through the Dianetics technology. Start the Hubbard Dianetics® Seminar in your local Scientology mission!