The Discoveries of Dianetics
by L. Ron Hubbard

Picture of L. Ron Hubbard One of the basic discoveries of Dianetics was that unconsciousness and all the pain attendant upon it was stored in a part of the mind and that this pain and unconsciousness accumulated until it caused the organism to begin to die.

Another discovery of Dianetics was that this pain could be nullified or erased with a return to full consciousness and a rehabilitation towards survival.

In other words, with Dianetics, it became possible to cancel out the accumulated unconsciousness and pain of the years and restore the health and vitality of an organism.

Accumulated physical pain and loss brings about a reduction of consciousness, a reduction of physical health and a reduction of the will to live to a point where the organism actively, if often slyly, seeks death.

Erase or nullify the physical pain, the losses of a lifetime, and vitality returns.

The vitality of living, of seeking higher levels of survival, is life itself.

With Dianetics it became possible to eradicate aberration and illness because it became possible to nullify or eradicate the pain from the pain-storage banks of the body without applying further pain as in surgery.

Consciousness then depends upon the absence or the nullification or eradication of memories of physical pain, for unconsciousness is a part of that pain — one of its symptoms.

Arthritis of the knee, for instance, is the accumulation of all knee injuries in the past. The body confuses time and environment with the time and environment where the knee was actually injured and so keeps the pain there. The fluids of the body avoid the pain area. Hence a deposit which is called arthritis. The proof of this is that when the knee injuries of the past are located and discharged, the arthritis ceases, no other injury takes its place and the person is finished with arthritis of the knee.

A good Dianetics auditor can take a broken-down, sorrow-drenched lady of thirty-eight and knock out her past periods of physical and mental pain and have on his hands somebody who appears to be twenty-five — and a bright, cheerful twenty-five at that.

Sure it’s incredible. But so is an A-bomb, a few pennyweights of plutonium which can blow a city off the chart.

Restore an individual’s full consciousness and you restore his full life potential.

And it can now be done.

L. Ron Hubbard