Attend a Free Introductory Service in a Scientology Mission Today

Introductory Lectures

Attend a free introductory lecture on DIANETICS or SCIENTOLOGY principles and learn basics you can use right now to improve your life.

Lectures are delivered at Scientology missions around the world. Each one provides vital information, real examples and lively discussion. Lectures cover such topics as:

  • Dianetics Spiritual Technology: An Education in Yourself
  • The Parts of the Mind
  • How to Achieve your Goals
  • How to Choose your Friends
  • Communication — Your Key to Confidence and Success.

Scientology missions have improved the lives of millions by providing them with the most effective technology on the subjects of the mind and life in existence.

Tape Plays

During his lifetime, L. Ron Hubbard gave over 3,000 recorded lectures. Many of these provide an excellent introduction to Dianetics and Scientology principles. Scientology missions offer tape plays on different topics of immediate interest. Now you can also hear Real Audio excerpts from some of these lectures. To name just a few:

  • Scientology and Ability
  • Money
  • Formulas for Success
  • Health and Certainty
  • The Machinery of the Mind
  • Increasing Efficiency

Free Introductory Session

Auditing is a unique form of personal counseling which helps you look at your own existence and improve your ability to confront what you are and where you are. Auditing uses exact sets of questions to help you find out things about yourself and improve your condition. Receive a free introductory auditing session.

Go to your local Scientology mission and take a free introductory service today! Bring your friends and family.