Scientology® Services

“As much of Scientology is true for you as you know of it, those who know it only by name react to the hope of it. And as one advances upon the road, one knows more and more of it and is more and more free. Unlike so many promises made to man and which have made him fear disappointment, Scientology delivers. It may be over a rough road. It may be over a smooth one. But Scientology eventually delivers all it says it can.”
L. Ron Hubbard
from The Auditor® magazine Issue 13
The word Scientology means literally “knowing how to know.” Scientology contains knowledge and practical technology for improving life. And life is more than just the cells and tissues of the body. Man is a spiritual being, and Scientology is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, the physical universe and other life.

In today’s troubled world, man has problems. It is often difficult and heartbreaking to deal with other people, carry on relationships, keep a marriage together, raise children, maintain a career and find enough money to survive. What good is a philosophy if it does not help people deal with these things and better their lives?

You do not have to “adjust” to bad conditions in your life. You are not the pawn or puppet of forces that are beyond your control. You are a spiritual being, and your potential abilities and intelligence are far in excess of what you have dared to believe.

Using Scientology principles, you can improve your life and gain the joy, happiness and love of life that is inherent in all of us.

Scientology does not give an ivory-tower speculation about life. It contains practical, workable knowledge and principles that you can use to live a better life and achieve the things that you most want. The application of Scientology principles can improve a person’s confidence, intelligence, abilities, and skills — which adds up to a happier and more capable individual.

Scientology missions are friendly islands of sanity in a turbulent world. The moment you arrive in a Scientology mission, you can sense that it is different than anywhere else. You’ll meet people who are happy, alive and self-confident. Scientology steers the individual out of the problems and seeming restrictions of everyday life, toward greater freedom.

The following pages will familiarize you with what services are delivered in a Scientology mission. The free services listed on the following pages are recommended to the newcomer to gain an understanding of the subject and what it can do for him. Training and counseling services are organized so that they progressively become more advanced. Scientology missions deliver beginning Scientology training and counseling, and parishioners then move on to their local Church of Scientology for more advanced services. The individual proceeds at his own pace to learn all there is to know, and to gain new abilities.

L. Ron Hubbard called this gradient path “The Bridge” because it spans from our current state of existence to new levels of freedom.

Once you set foot upon The Bridge® levels, you are walking on the road to truth. Travel it well, and may you never be the same again.

Find the address of your nearest mission with the Scientology Missions Locator, and contact your local mission Registrar for assistance to plan the services you will take.