SMI Opening a Mission

What is a Mission: A mission is a Church of Scientology that delivers basic Dianetics and Scientology services and starts new people on The Bridge. Missions are the front line of dissemination — this is where new Scientologists are made; this is where planetary salvation starts. Here is where anyone in the local community can come in and find a friendly environment staffed with a team dedicated to helping them become more able and achieving their goals.

Scientology's expansion rate depends on dissemination to the broad public. That's exactly where missions fit in. They are the gateway to The Bridge to total freedom.

By opening a Church of Scientology you will create a legacy of true and lasting value for the future. You and your staff will also be able to move rapidly up The Bridge as all contracted mission staff that are on full-time schedule receive a 50% discount on services at Central Orgs, Saint Hills and Advanced Orgs.

What is a Mission Holder: A Mission Holder is a Scientologist who has been granted a charter by Scientology Missions International, the mother church of all missions, to deliver specific Dianetics and Scientology services and materials as long as he upholds certain requirements. This gives him the right to open and administer a Scientology mission.

As a Mission Holder you are your own boss, but you are not alone. You have the full backup of the international SMI support team and its services as well as your local Central Organization.