SMI Opening a Mission

The Worldwide Network of Scientology Missions

In the early days of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard realized how vital it was for the expansion of Scientology to rapidly establish delivery centers in all parts of the world. He set these centers up with the purpose of introducing people broadly to the technology and to get them moving up The Bridge. And so began the Mission Network.

Today, hundreds of Scientology missions span the globe on every continent of Earth, daily delivering Dianetics and Scientology services to the populations and towns from Seattle to Moscow and from Marseille to Taipei.

The Mission Network has also established continental offices around the globe with the express purpose of servicing and assisting Mission Holders to be successful and achieve their goals of changing conditions on the planet. These central offices are located in Copenhagen for Europe; Los Angeles for West U.S., New York for East U.S., Sydney for ANZO (Australia, New Zealand and Oceania), Johannesburg for Africa, Toronto for Canada, Mexico City for Latin America and East Grinstead for the United Kingdom. Regional offices have also been established in Moscow, Budapest, Taipei and Milano.

We are building a worldwide network of new missions that is taking Scientology to every corner of Earth — with Mission Holders who are leaders in the Scientology field. With the adventurous spirit of pioneers they are creating a new civilization.

Contact your nearest SMI continental office to find out more about opening your own mission today.