After You Open—On-Going Support: Once your mission opens we have systems in place to help you establish and expand rapidly:

  • How-To Binders—you will receive a series of 9 binders that include all of the standard actions you need to take in opening and expanding your mission. Based on proven mission policy and successful actions from leading Mission Holders from around the planet, these binders cover a variety of subjects from “how to hold a successful grand opening” to “hiring and establishing new staff for your mission”.

  • Consultation—you will be assigned a trained consultant who will get you started and provide you with on-going operational analysis and direction. Any questions and help you need is just a secure e-mail away.

  • Mission Routing Forms—a set of 14 vital routing forms will be provided to your mission to put in the standard lines that will keep your mission running and expanding. Key for flowing the products of your missions through its lines, these routing forms are also available on CD, so that you can print off stock supplies whenever needed.

  • Continuing Support—you will receive weekly mail packs containing LRH references, newsletters, briefings on international Scientology expansion and releases, information letters containing successful actions from other Mission Holders and instructional materials.

  • Regional Training Seminars

  • Annual International Convention

  • International Birthday Game

  • Regional Mission Holder Assistance

  • National and International Advertising Campaigns

  • Dianetics & Scientology Web-Sites

  • Promotional Items for New Public