SMI Support

Although you are your own boss as a Mission Holder, you are most certainly not alone. You have the full backup of the international SMI support team and services. You have your local Central Org, ready to train your staff and assist you in any way possible to achieve your goals. This includes technical backup from their highly trained tech staff, or tours to brief your public on higher level Bridge services. Missions work together to assist each other, and this creates a tight camraderie—and a way to share successes as well as to take cooperative actions to promote!

You can run the mission hands on, or delegate daily management to an Executive Director while you wear the broader goal maker/planning hat. Becoming a Mission Holder makes you one of a kind—a leader and pioneer who will truly change the future.

SMI International is proud of the excellent support systems provided to our Mission Holders and their staff—both before and after you open your mission.

The Mission Network was established on the basis that you are independent, your own boss, but that there should be sound advice and help available when you need it.

The experience of SMI International trained staff plus proven, on-policy actions, combined with your pioneering spirit and will-to-succeed is a powerful combination that will get new public moving onto and up The Bridge once you open your own missions.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to help you in every phase of development and operation of your mission.

Before you start: As soon as you join our team we begin working with you to help you get started with the following services:

  • Training for your Mission Executives
  • Comprehensive Mission Apprenticeship Programs
  • Directions on Missions Premises Selection
  • Suggested Model Floor Plans
  • Grand Opening Plans
  • Simple Production Programs