SMI Opening a Mission

The Benefits

Mission Holders are leading members of the Scientology field in their areas. L. Ron Hubbard referred to Mission Holders and their staff as “friends and pioneers” and sincerely valued the work that they do in the field to introduce people to Scientology and assist them in improving their lives.

As a top member of the field, Mission Holders are given certain honors and privileges. This includes such things as:

  • A Mission Holder and his staff are given a 50% discount on services at Church of Scientology Central Organizations, Saint Hills and Advanced Organizations to assist in speeding progress up both sides of The Bridge.
  • A pin signifying that they are part of the elite team of Mission Holders worldwide who are doing something about world conditions and starting new people on The Bridge. (Note: As a Mission Holder expands his or her mission through the various stages of expansion, the pins elevate in status.)
  • Mission Holders are awarded their membership in the Regional Committee.
  • Every Scientologist who opens a mission is featured in the Centre Magazine, the international mission journal, so that Scientologists the world over know of your decision and where you are starting up. This news is also often featured in international Scientology events and briefings.