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Scientology in the South of France

The bustling city of Marseille, with more than a million inhabitants and the premier port on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is not only the second-largest city in France (surpassed only by Paris), but it is also the oldest.

It was 1997 when new Scientologist Danielle Ambert, who having just completed the Purification Rundown program, decided to train on the Scientology principles in order to deliver this life-changing technology to others in her community. Soon afterwards she reached the state of Clear and has continued her progress up The Bridge to higher states of existence.

In her own words, “It became obvious with my training and new abilities gained that it was time to do something to help my fellow man. And so in 2000 I became the Church of Scientology Mission Director of the Marseille Mission ( As an architect, I always liked the subject of organization and creation, so it was the perfect postition I was looking for. Soon afterwards my Executive Director under me and our staff decided to move into a larger premises. And in July 2002, with our staff and a team of volunteers having completed the renovations, we held our Grand Opening with fanfare. We now had a real mission providing real solutions and spiritual betterment for our community.

Teamed with Richard Lore, Mission Director of the Church of Scientology in Nice, France (, Danielle increased her intention to help her community by opening a second mission in Avignon ( Expansion plans have already begun for the Avignon Mission to keep up with the demand for Dianetics and Scientology services.