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Dianetics Training in Modena, Italy

Hundreds of public in Modena, Italy are now trained to deliver Dianetics.

The list of people trained to deliver Dianetics auditing continues to grow!

Public attending a Dianetics Seminar in Modena, Italy begin auditing each other with Dianetics.
Dianetics lectures were held with public twinning up to audit each other using Dianetics techniques.

Executives of the Church of Scientology Mission in Modena, Italy recently started a game to get hundreds of Scientologists in their community trained up on the techniques to deliver Dianetics auditing to thousands of others in their community and thereby help them change their lives for the better by ridding themselves of their reactive mind.

Through a step-by-step plan of promoting in their city, holding seminars & workshops and airing TV shows on the miracles of Dianetics, the Modena Mission staff have already, in just a matter of months, trained over 225 people on how to deliver the techniques of Dianetics to others.