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Scientology and the Definition of Religion
Dr Alejandro Frigerio of the Catholic University of Argentina examines Scientology against the definition of a religion and sociology.

The Philosophy and Goal of a New Religion
Catholic scholar from Gregorian University of Rome examines Scientology in Europe against the definition of religion.

Scientology Beliefs and Practices
Article by Dr. Frank Flinn, of Washington University, comparing the beliefs, practices of Scientology to eastern and western religions.

Scientology and other Religions
Article by a Shinto master on the similarity between Scientology and the great religions of Japan.

Is Scientology a Religion?
A critical review by Dr. Darrol Bryant, well known scholar of religion from Canada, of the Churches of Scientology and whether Scientology is a religion.

The Future of Scientology
Predictions of what the future holds for Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, by members of the health, government, law and education professions.

Scientology: A Critical Analysis of a New Religion
An in-depth review by Dr. Dericquebourg of the University of Lille, France, into the Churches of Scientology, to determine whether Scientology is a religion.

The Scientology Religion: Its Place in History
Article by Bryan Wilson of Oxford University: Shows how the Churches of Scientology fits within the traditions of religions in history.

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