Scientology Mission International

Church of Scientology Missions International Directory

Bill Sorden, a Scientologist
Bill mentions how the Scientology religion has given him a new perspective on life, particularly with his kids. “Before I felt like I could not do anything to help them as they grow into this world, now I can.”

Life is Easier as a Scientologist
Isaac talks about how his communication has been much simpler with everyone he knows and it has definitely cut out many, many, many, headaches and sleepless nights.

Scientology Technology Handles Inability to Communicate
Being able to talk with others about anything means that I am interested in everyone and people are very willing to talk to me. This is a major difference in my handling life, instead of it handling me.

Eric Green, a Scientology Auditor
Eric became a more advanced Scientology auditor and received spiritual counseling himself. “My life just got better and better, and I feel more able to handle life.”

Healy Burnham Adopted Scientology Religious Practices
Healy Burnham, after handling his personal problems with Scientology spiritual counseling, now helps others.

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