Two Minds, Not One

Unfortunately, you have another mind, which has been called in the past the “unconscious” or “subconscious” mind. It is a mind which records and stores mental image pictures made during traumatic experiences.

This mind is more accurately called your reactive mind, since it reacts illogically and irrationally, giving you feelings you don’t understand and making you react in ways that are “not you.”

Irrationality comes from your reactive mind, acting upon you like post-hypnotic commands. It makes you say and do things you don’t understand. It is WHY you have inexplicable feelings, strange aches and pains, why you can’t be yourself.

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The Reactive Mind

You DO have a reactive mind and it IS the single SOURCE of your irrational fears, self-doubts, uncontrollable emotions and even your nightmares as a child.

The reactive mind is also the source of psychosomatic ills — which means illnesses which are caused by the mind. Experts estimate that psychosomatic illnesses account for up to 70 percent of man’s ills, including being too fat or too thin, migraines, allergies and other afflictions not strictly caused by physical reasons.

Feelings of unhappiness, uncontrollable emotions and the like are no more than the “memory” of past painful experience being replayed by your reactive mind.